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Feature List

Bringing fear to all things feathered.If you lay eggs,BE AFRAID!If you don't lay eggs,then you can enjoy the frantic antics of EGGY ED.

45 tricky levels over 3 worlds
3 Bonus levels
11 Unlockables
Dual function joystick
Power increase fire button
Eggy Ed merchandise
Great for all ages,easy to use
Open Feint

Ed is a monster that Loves Eating Eggs,and will steal then from any bird that flies by.You can guide him through 45 Eggcellent levels over 3 Fab worlds(15 levels in each world),eating as many eggs as possible & collecting stars to unlock levels & gain bonus perks along the way.With 11 unlock able extras in-game,the fun just never stops! Just a few extras are…

BIG BOUNCE (makes you jump further)
NUKE-EM(instantly complete that level)
DE-ICER(stop the snowman from freezing you)

….But do be careful,there are some foes along the way that don't want to make it plain and sailing for Ed,so beware! Theenemies take different forms over many levels,with lethal bird droppings,skidding penguins & zombies being some of the things to avoid!
with a revolutionary dual function joystick control,you can control Ed's movement & direction of fire simultaneously.Adding Power-Up fire control,variable shot power is just controlled by how long you hold your FIRE button.
There's also a cool bonus stage at the end of each world… a game within a game!!
In Ed's cave,his cosy retreat from the Mad Worlds,you will find all the extras that you have collected over the levels,You will still need to collect a certain amount of stars before you can use them,With a simple touch2collect,you can activate any of the collected PERKS when required
you can also access the OPEN FEINT leader board to compare high scores with your friends
…And bearing in mind you will be stealing those eggs from birds as you go,you can always have a Tweet about what you are up to in Ed's world on Twitter.just follow the link in-game on the options screen.
Now that you have played the game,made some noise TWEETING & FACE BOOKING,why not buy the t-shirt? It's simple to visit the Egg Store,from the main menu,just click the icon to be redirected to a mecca of mad merchandise.

TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS… the fun has truly begun,join in a gaming sensation that will take the gaming world by surprise.
EGGY ED, The future is red and ugly

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Once used this instantly adds 5 secs to your time,collect as many as you can on the bonus stages

Once used this will add 50 points to your score

Once used ed will have twice the fire power

Once used this will stop snowballs from freezing ed

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Once used,no more slipping on the ice stage, no way,ed can catch as manys eggs as he wants,trouble free

Once used this will add a spring to eds step,by letting him jump higher

Once used ed will have an increase in his step by running much faster than before

Once used ed can fire a triple shot,making it less easy for those pesky birds to fly by

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Once used this will complete the level your playing

Once used ed will receive a 100 pt bonus

Once used this will make things a little easier for ed by slowing things down

Eds perks can only be used once they have been unlocked,then throughout the game you have to collect stars to use them ,each perk needs different amounts of stars to be able to use that particular perk.once you've collected enough stars to use that perk simply tap that perk at the top of the screen.