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Tip 1.

Hold down the fire button while your running,then use the joystick to direct your fire,once your on target release the fire button

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Tip 2.

Instead of collecting all the eggs in world 1,try and collect as many Perks as possible,because world 2 and 3 are not so forgiving.Your going to need all the Perks you can get your hands on.

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Tip 3.

On the bonus stages you need to time your star collecting with the usage of your perks,remember that this stage is a distance stage,the longer you travel the higher you score on the leader board.

Terms and conditions

Entrance rules
1. Buy Eggy Ed game for your device either IOS or Android
2.Register here on gamedivision's website
3.When registering leave your Apple I.D or Android market I.D for verification of purchase.
A winner will be selected at random from all the entries received,the draw will take place on the date stated.Prize is subject to availability and/or circumstances outside the control of game division a cash alternative may be offered,game division reserves the right to extend the draw date,game division reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions.The competition is for an iPad2 16GB wifi in either white or black.This competition is open to whoever follows the entrance rules.